Developing Distinctive Brand Voices for Market Success

Client Overview

A marketing agency CEO catering to the hospitality furniture manufacturing industry had three clients with similar capabilities and products. She needed to market all three while ensuring they were well-differentiated.

I wrote monthly social media captions, newsletters, and blog posts for all three companies, helping to build each one’s distinctive brand voice.

The Challenge

Three companies in the same industry, competing for similar projects, needed to stand out as distinct and unique, each shining in the marketplace.

Client’s Goals

The primary goals were to increase organic traffic, improve search rankings, and boost lead generation for each manufacturer while developing distinct and differentiated brand voices.


I met with the agency executive multiple times to thoroughly understand each company’s unique selling points, brand words, company culture, and personality. I methodically developed a distinct voice and unique emphasis for each brand. We tracked each brand’s reach and growth, refining the approach based on data and client feedback.


  • Organic Traffic Growth: Increased organic traffic by 25% to 42%.
  • Social Media Growth: Boosted social media followers by 33% to 58%.
  • New Lead Generation: All three brands experienced an increase in new lead generation, thanks to their enhanced online presence and industry visibility.
  • Industry Visibility: The distinct and well-crafted brand voices helped all three companies gain increased visibility within the hospitality furniture manufacturing industry, positioning them as leaders in their field.

Client Feedback

“Joan is responsive and creative. I can rely on her to take my feedback and produce content that aligns perfectly with my client’s goals. Her work has had a big, positive impact and continues to add value as we collaborate.”

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