Joan Weisman Writer and Content Strategist

Hi! I’m Joan Weisman

I’m a copywriter and content strategist who delivers visibility and growth through expert content creation.

Content Marketing

The Content You Need

From SEO-optimized web copy to whitepapers, I deliver original, engaging content on time, every time—powering your site, blog, emails, and social media.

Data driven content marketing

Data-Driven Strategies

Boost your brand's reach with my data-driven strategies. Capture new audiences, sharpen your message, and improve SEO rankings.

Proven Content Marketing Track Record

Proven Track Record

With a portfolio of successful projects and satisfied clients, my track record speaks for itself. Trust in my expertise to deliver content that supports your business objectives.

SEO Expertise

I integrate the latest SEO best practices into your content to improve search rankings, drive organic traffic, and help your brand stand out in search results.

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Case Studies


Driving Organic Growth for a CBD Startup

For Jampha, a pioneering CBD startup, I implemented a comprehensive SEO and content strategy that leveraged well-researched articles and medical studies. This approach resulted in a 500% increase in organic traffic and significantly improved search rankings, establishing a steady stream of online traffic and boosting lead generation by 200%.

Maximizing Existing Marketing Channels

Nalini MacNab, a writer and workshop leader, saw the rate of new membership stagnate during COVID. By optimizing her YouTube channel, I increased her subscribers by 25% in two months and boosted video views by up to 500%, re-engaging her audience and driving new memberships.

Luxury hotel interior with furniture built by Mittman Hospitality

Developing and Adapting Brand Voice

For a marketing agency CEO with three hospitality furniture clients, I developed distinct and differentiated brand voices to ensure each stood out in the marketplace. This strategic branding effort increased organic traffic by 25% to 42% and boosted social media followers by 33% to 58%, enhancing industry visibility for all three brands.

Elevating Financial Advisors Through Strategic Inbound Marketing

At Paladin Digital Marketing, I crafted and executed inbound marketing strategies for financial advisors, focusing on SEO, content creation, and lead generation. This comprehensive approach led to an increase in inbound traffic, showcasing the effectiveness of tailored inbound marketing.