Elevating Financial Advisors Through Strategic Inbound Marketing

Client Overview

Paladin Digital Marketing is one of the top inbound marketing agencies for independent financial advisors. As an SEO Marketing Manager, I was responsible for crafting and executing the inbound marketing strategy for several of their fiduciary advisor clients nationwide.

Based on each advisor’s services and brand personality, I crafted quarterly, SEO-optimized content calendars. Working closely with each advisor’s compliance team, I wrote, designed, and published monthly social media captions and blog posts. Additionally, I crafted original, customized eBooks as lead magnets and set up autoresponders in HubSpot or Active Campaign.

The Challenge

Financial advisors face stringent advertising restrictions and seek to attract a niche audience with significant investment capabilities. Each advisor has a distinct personality and approach which needs to be consistent with their inbound marketing strategy.

Client’s Goals

Most of the financial advisors I worked with were launching their inbound marketing efforts from scratch. This involved setting up social accounts and blogs and building an audience from the ground up. Each piece had to be highly optimized to target the specific market segments suitable for each advisor.


I spent time with each advisor to understand their target market, products, approach, and personality. To help them gain traction as quickly as possible, I focused on medium-volume, low-competition long-tail keywords. This involved a combination of detailed content planning, strategic keyword usage, and continuous optimization.


  • Engagement Growth: Steady increases in engagement across all platforms.
  • Traffic Increase: One advisor increased inbound traffic by 25% within three months.
  • Asset Growth: Another advisor doubled their assets under management within two months. He had a network of local people who knew and liked him but he had not been visible until starting inbound marketing.

Client Feedback

“Joan’s strategic approach and ability to tailor content to our unique needs and compliance requirements has been invaluable.”

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