Maximizing Existing Marketing Channels

Client Overview

Nalini MacNab, a writer and workshop leader in a niche market, had a strong and loyal following. However, during COVID, her business growth stagnated.

By optimizing her existing marketing channels, I helped her reignite business growth and reach new audiences.

The Challenge

After decades of traveling and networking with like-minded people worldwide, COVID halted in-person gatherings, impacting her ability to connect with her audience.

Client’s Goals

Nalini aimed to maintain the integrity of her work while slowly and organically growing her audience.


Following a thorough audit of her marketing channels, I identified YouTube as the greatest area for potential business growth. Key actions included:

  • Increasing the posting frequency of her videos.
  • Adding links in video descriptions to her primary offerings.
  • Using keyword tools and competitor research to identify effective hashtags.
  • Introducing YouTube Shorts to her channel for broader reach and engagement.


  • Subscriber Growth: Increased subscribers by 10% in the first month and 25% within two months.
  • Enhanced Video Views: Achieved up to a 500% increase in video views.
  • Community Growth: Attracted new subscribing members to her online community each month.

Client Feedback

“Joan took the time to understand my unique business and objectives and fulfilled them in a way that worked for me.”

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